How to get loans in UK. Banking in the UK.

How to get loans in the UK. Banking. There are many banks in the UK. They can be divided into retail banks, commercial banks, investment banks, central banks, credit unions and online banks. Retail Bank A retail bank works with consumers or private clients. These types of banks provide customers with basic banking services, such as current and savings accounts, as well as mortgages and unsecured loans, such as credit cards. Thus, retail banks are banks that are usually located in cities and which everyone knows and uses for their personal finances and current accounts.

Commercial banks. Commercial banks strive to meet the needs of large and small enterprises. Their services include the offer of savings and settlement accounts, loans for the purchase of real estate and capital, exchange rates, credit lines, letters of credit, etc.

Companies have special needs that consumers do not have in this regard. For example, companies often need much larger amounts of money or higher amounts for credit card payments. Commercial banks can also act as retail banks.

Investment banks. Investment banks help organizations use the investment market. For example, this type of bank helps companies in the process of issuing bonds or stocks. Investment banks also provide advice on mergers and acquisitions. This type of bank mainly does not work with private clients, but mainly with the investment market. However, there are exceptions when investment banks also act as commercial or retail banks.

Central bank. The central bank of Great Britain is the Bank of England. He is responsible for currency stability, maintaining low inflation, stability of the financial system and protection against counterfeiting money.

Credit unions. A credit union is a sharing of profits, a democratically organized financial cooperation. He offers simple savings and low interest loans to his members. Members of the Credit Union are also the owners and they manage the credit union themselves.

Online Banking. Online banks are banks that are used exclusively on the Internet. They provide more choice and flexibility. Internet banks offer customers various types of accounts. It is also possible to transfer money between accounts. In addition, credit lines and the provision of other loans are possible. Basically, debit cards are also issued with accounts, so that money can be disposed of in reality.

Rules for maintaining capital. The rules for maintaining capital are regulated by the Companies Act 2006. The change in the authorized capital is determined from section 617. The rules on the reduction of capital can be found in section 641 and on the acquisition of treasury shares from section 658.

For example, in order to reduce the share capital of a private joint-stock company, it is necessary that the charter (articles) allow it. Limited also needs to issue a statement of solvency, which is currently solvent and is expected to remain. The exact content is determined by section 643 of the Companies Act. In addition, a reduction in capital can be achieved by court decision for both private limited companies and limited liability companies. Interest on loans in a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DBA) If interest on loans is paid, taxation depends on the residence of the companies. If the companies are located in different European countries, then the interest on the actual owner in his country of residence will be taxed.

Loan offer. There are two translation systems in England and Wales. On the one hand, it will be a “registered” system, and on the other, “unregistered”. The difference between the two systems is proof of ownership of the object of sale, which the seller must provide to the buyer. If unregistered property is put up for sale, the seller must prove his ownership of the undisturbed property for at least 15 years. A registered system has been introduced to prevent fraud and simplify the process of buying and selling real estate. The registered system collects real estate transactions in the registries maintained by the Land Registry. Plans are made to prove the exact boundaries of properties. The register also includes, for example, records relating to rights of way for neighboring property, as well as mortgages. Basically, when you buy registration online to obtain information about the object of purchase.